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Grow BIg

Like our mighty namesake, we believe people, teams and systems have it in their nature to reach extraordinary heights. 

We fall in love with those willing to do the heavy lifting it takes to reach their potential. We have seen firsthand the powerful transformation that comes when leaders and teams become aware of the patterns that govern their actions.

By recognizing that familiar choices yield familiar results, we’ll show how awareness plus conscious action will invigorate new direction.

It’s a thrilling exploration. Welcome to the Search.

“The Redwood Project took us from a team of leaders to a leadership team.”
Abe Smith
“I am lucky to have found Scott and the Redwood Project. His commitment to my growth has revolutionized my leadership style, improved the important relationships in my life and changed how I look at the world.”
Micheal Flieger
“In my experience, executive coaches often offer superficial guidance on how to develop based on test results or standard playbooks.  Scott does not operate this way.  With empathy and insight, Scott created a trusting environment for me to explore more deeply how to consciously harness the value of my life experiences and the lessons I have learned from them, enabling me to live into the full of my potential; not just in work, but in life.”
Tara Glasgow
"The Redwood Project is a key partner in developing the growth strategy for our organization. With their ongoing support, and trusted guidance, we have navigated some of the most demanding periods in our company’s history and are stronger for it. My leadership team looks forward to any time we spend with them and always finds it valuable. Scott has an uncanny ability to identify when people are holding back, and always finds a way to dig deep into the issue and get to the heart of the matter. The honesty and openness that has emerged as a result has changed this team.”
Liz Edminson
CEO Lane bryant
"I have worked with Scott on an array of team development work and have been blown away by his perceptive, insightful, articulate moderation and facilitation. Scott has an authentic voice and an ability to speak the truth with sensitivity and honesty."
Amanda Rajkumar
Global CHRO & board Member, Adidas
“Working with Scott - both individually and with my team - on my journey toward greater self understanding, and through that better executive performance, has been a powerful and deeply meaningful experience. Scott has played the essential roles of insightful guide and supportive coach through this challenging, yet personally valuable process.”
Vivek Tulpule
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