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We believe an education is no longer complete without exposing students to a deliberate character building curriculum.

Grow Big

Why stumble on these things later in adult life? We have found young people hungry to address the big question when provided a place to do so. Our curriculum pushes and plays in equal measure; it's a unique approach that has kids talking and thinking about things they never have before. Dive in. Grow Big.

When we work with young people, we are constantly in awe of their energy and excitement. Redwood's story began with our work in high schools and universities, with both faculty and students. They shaped our broader outlook on this work, which we carry forward today in all we do.

The Outcomes of A Redwood Project Journey



Use signature strengths & personal values to drive your life with purpose.


Articulate priorities & commitments. Make strong, conscious choices to support them.


Use targeted action to cultivate leadership, teamwork & success.


Become internally driven to practice resiliency, courage & compassion.

Redwood In The News

Redwood & Queens University

"Exploring paths to happy careers -- and lives" -- the Queen's University Alumni Review wrote this piece on Redwood's work. Scott apologizes for the haircut, but wonders why no one mentioned anything.

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Redwood & Our Kids

Our Kids is the trusted resource for parents seeking information on independent schools. Check out this article and interview with Scott featured in their magazine.

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Grow Big. They Did.

"We have seen the tangible, profound benefits in taking a ‘step back’ from the crazy pace of school and investing time to examine questions fundamental to how one lives well. Three of our children have now gone through the program and from the quality of conversations around our dinner table to the personal focus, the outcomes and impact continue to amaze."
Margot Willoughby
// Parent
"I was thrilled with the results and after seeing the individual and collective impact of our boys at UCC I can not encourage you strongly enough to bring Redwood to your school. You’ll be glad you did."
Grant Boyd
// School Official
"When I first heard about the Redwood Project, I thought it was just another lame team-building. However, by the end of the first day I realized how wrong I was – I was immersed in an atmosphere unlike anything I have ever done."
Sean Hacker-Temper
// IB Student

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